BAe Jetstream 41 G-JMAC

In April 2002 The Wirral Aviation Society (TWAS) was invited to help save a JETSTREAM 41, G-JMAC. This aircraft was the fourth prototype, 004. TWAS immediately said they were interested and so began a long and interesting process, which finally saw the aircraft arrive at the Liverpool Marriott Hotel South on Wednesday 29th January 2003. BAE SYSTEMS at Woodford, had several redundant airframes, which would have to find alternative homes unless slots could be found for them with responsible groups. TWAS had to satisfy BAE that we could look after the aircraft properly. After satisfying them completely TWAS accepted G-JMAC formally by signing an ownership contract on 7th January 2003.

Finding a home for the aircraft was a priority. Where on earth could we place such a large aircraft? TWAS would have liked to have based it on the Wirral but enquiries proved fruitless. The next logical step was to enquire about the possibility of using the vast apron area at the former Liverpool Speke airport. When the former terminal buildings and two hangars were refurbished, this left the apron area intact. TWAS approached the developers, Neptune Developments, who were very enthusiastic about having the aircraft based on their property. The buildings have been transformed into a fabulous Hotel. The owners and its manager, Andrew Fox, have been very supportive and very aviation minded in the help they have extended to TWAS and for that we are very grateful. The Hotel has a Dragon Rapide replica at the front of the building, which fits in appropriately to with the appearance of the art deco building. We realised that the J41s never came to the north airfield site but the Hotel do not mind as it was going to be situated at the rear of the Hotel. Besides, we could not be choosy as we desperately needed a home for the aircraft.

How were TWAS going to move the aircraft? This is where the RAF's Aircraft Recovery & Transportation Flight (ARTF) came to our rescue. They were willing to regard dismantling and re-assembling G-JMAC as a training exercise. This process took nearly two weeks and was accomplished in very cold weather. We thank them for their services, above and beyond the call of duty. At the same time as the re-assembly was taking place, APPH Aviation Services fitted a brand new nosewheel undercarriage to the aircraft for us at no charge. They have been a very enthusiastic supporter of the club and we cant thank them enough for their time and materials they have supplied to enable us to display G-JMAC in good condition. APPH, otherwise known in the past as Automotive Products & Precision Hydraulics, was formed out of the old Lockheed works at Speke. APPH are the original manufacturers of the undercarriage for all Jetstreams, so their help to us had an extra special significance.

The JETSTREAM CLUB was formed as the operational arm of TWAS with a separate financial structure so it could operate independantly. The club is strictly 'hands on' and all members should be aware of the physical demands that may be called for. You don't have to be a TWAS member to join the club either.