As well as our wonderful sponsors, there are many other organisations and individuals who generously provide help to the Jetstream project. This page is here to acknowledge those people and to say 'Thank you!'.

    The Liverpool Land Rover Society
If you like "Boys Toys" then you can't fail to be impressed by the amazing Land Rover - and these guys have lots of them. They're not afraid to use them either! A tremendously friendly bunch with a great sense of humour, they are always very very welcome here at Speke Airport.
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    Liverpool Flying School
Martin Keen, owner of the Liverpool Flying School has long been a good friend of the Jetstream project and kindly provided the fly-over at the 2005 Aviation Fair in the Boeing Stearman.
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    Merseyside Police Air Support Group
The Air Support Group have very generously attended all of our Aviation Fairs with their EC135 helicopter giving the public a rare and popular chance to get 'up close and personal' with this amazing piece of equipment and the expert crew who fly her.
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    Colin's Photography
Colin Angus seems to have become our official photographer, covering both our 1st and 2nd Aviation Fairs plus some nice atmospheric shots of the old airport. If you need photo work, why not pay Colin a visit?
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    The Fire Support Network
For our annual Aviation Fairs, the Fire Support Network have organised some splendid exhibits for us. We are very grateful for the time and effort these people have generously extended to us.