Application Form for membership

Please complete this form and hand it back in at the aircraft or post it to Mr R. Taylor, The Jetstream Club, 69 Knaresborough Road, Wallasey, Merseyside. CH44 2BQ. Telephone: 0151 638 6793

Title: __________ Name ____________________________________

Address __________________________________________________



Postcode _____________    Date of Birth ______________________

Telephone No _____________________________________________

Email Address _____________________________________________

Signed ___________________________________________________

Date _____________________________________________________

Membership Fee: £10 - Cheques/PO's payable to 'The Jetstream Club'. Thank you.

All membership renewals take place in January each year to save costs.

Please note: The Jetstream Club is a Registered Charity (No 1106923) and as such we are bound by the rules and regulations of the Jetstream Club and the Charity Commission of England & Wales. Membership is open to all, 16 years and over. Adult members may bring under 16's on site under strict supervision. Only those aged 18 or over can vote in any meeting, nominate a committee member or serve on the committee. The Jetstream Club has appropriated the correct insurance cover for both members and the general public.

We operate on the premises of and under the goodwill of the management and owners of the Crowne Plaza Hotel. All members are expected to abide by their rules & regulations at all times. Please do not telephone the hotel itself looking to contact members. ID cards must be worn at all times. Physically demanding work may be required some times. Members are advised to check with their Doctor if concerned. Safety on site is very important at all times. The Jetstream Club holds membership information under strict privacy conditions. Your information will be kept private and not sold to any third party.
Thank you.

A hi-visibility tabard or jacket must be worn on-site at all times.

This form correct as at 07 January 2009. RC.