Welcome to The Jetstream Club!

Who We Are and What We Do
The Jetstream Club is a registered charity (No. 1106923) which consists solely of volunteers who maintain and preserve aircraft at the historic old Speke Aerodrome in Liverpool (now a beautiful Crowne Plaza Hotel). The cockpit of our Jetstream 41 aircraft has been converted into a fairly comprehensive flight simulator and this is available to schools, colleges, air cadets, boy scouts and to the general public at little or no charge.

To cover costs such as public liability insurance and general aircraft maintenance, the Jetstream Club do accept donations from visitors. In addition, each summer we host an aviation fair where the public can view our aircraft, historic fighter cockpits, helicopters (police, RAF and civilian), hot-rods, dragsters, classic cars and much more - the aim being to provide a good family day out and to inspire youngsters. The monies raised are split between the Jetstream Club and other local charities such as Marie Curie, The Fire Support Network, the RSPCA, St John Ambulance and others.

With the dedication of our volunteers and the support of so many local businesses we have now been running successfully for a little over four years. The Crowne Plaza Hotel who have been tremendously supportive of our project do not charge us rent and provide the aircraft with electricity free of charge. Computer Plus of Liverpool have donated computer systems to power the simulator, ARCO have donated overalls and hard-hats, Aventi donated the flat screens used in the simulator, The RAF transported the aircraft to Speke for us and of course, BAe Systems who donated the aircraft in the first place. There are many other supporters listed on our web site.

If you can help, you can be sure that it is very sincerely appreciated and that in the current climate of quick gains and tight margins - you have helped save some of Liverpool's amazing aviation heritage. Both the aircraft and the old aerodrome are very historic and a huge part of our local heritage.