The Flight Simulator:

With many Jetstreams still in active service, BAe needed to retain the very expensive cockpit instrumentation as spares for other aircraft. Rather than leave gaping holes in the instrument panel, it was decided to convert the cockpit into a simulator. This will also give visitors the chance to actually 'fly' JMAC.

The software of choice is X-Plane by Laminar Research, a simulator package used by many leading aircraft companies around the world for its accurate flight modelling and which has even gained FAA certification status. Our sincerest thanks to Austin Meyer the author of X-Plane, for kindly donating several copies for our project. Sincerest thanks also go to Brian Ford for creating an excellent X-Plane model of our Jetstream.

For computer hardware, we need to thank Computer Plus Ltd for donating several PC's on which the simulator software will run and to Mark Nash at Aventi Distribution for the wonderful Neovo flat-screen monitors used to create the instrument panels.

As the simulator project progresses, news and photographs will be posted here, so please do check back from time to time.