Without all the amazing help we've been given, this project could not have survived. Our very sincerest thanks to all those companies and individuals who have helped - without you, we would not be here.

  The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Liverpool allow us use of the old Aerodrome apron, have laid on electrical power for the simulator and despite having a very busy and successful hotel to run, have made us feel very welcome.
A beautiful hotel, well worth a visit!
Visit them by clicking here

  Arco Wirral Ltd kindly provided us with overalls and safety helmets.
Visit them at www.arco.co.uk

  Computer Plus (Liverpool) donated the computer systems which power the flight simulator now installed on G-JMAC.
Visit them at www.computerplus.uk.com

  Hagstrom Electronics Inc. who kindly donated some of the computer interface hardware used by the flight simulator.
Visit them at www.hagstromelectronics.com

  APPH of Runcorn donated (and fitted!) a brand new nosewheel assembly to G-JMAC.
Visit them at www.apph.co.uk

  Neovo kindly provided us with the excellent LCD flat screen monitors used in the simulator.
Visit them at www.neovo.com

  Briggs Equipment - These guys very generously loaned us a beautiful 5 ton fork-lift truck for an entire week to help us unload all the support equipment that arrived with the Bristol Britannia. A special thanks to Ian Travers for making it all happen. http://www.briggsequipment.com/

  Liverpool Flying School - Owner Martin Keen has been a great friend to the Jetstream Club, and he donated G-SEXY to our cause! Do yourself a favour and book a flying lesson today at www.lfs.flyer.co.uk

  Laminar Research have donated copies of their X-Plane simulator for use in G-JMAC.
Visit them at www.x-plane.com

  Horizon Simulation (through circle-software) continue to support the Jetstream project with copies of their X-Plane simulator photo scenery.
Visit them at www.horizonsimulation.com

  Interface Web Design - very kindly created the original theme for our web-site. (Thanks Claire!)
Visit them at www.interface-web.co.uk

  Autopaint International - who helped us by donating the very nice leaflets we used to advertise the Jetstream Project.
Visit them at www.autopaintinternational.com

Motorvation 2000 of New Ferry continue to help us out with fasteners, paints and many other consumables we need to maintain the aircraft.

Quigley UK Ltd - very generously provided one of their huge cranes for a day when JMAC was re-assembled.

The Avro Heritage Centre, Woodford - provided a complete set of Jetstream-41 manuals which have been absolutely invaluable.

Extra special thanks are due to the RAF's Aircraft Recovery & Transport Flight - and to BAe Systems without whom we wouldn't have G-JMAC!